Muc-Off Motorcycle Pressure Washer Kit


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  • Designed and built purely for cleaning both bicycles and motorcycles
  • Includes pressure washer, 3x cleaning nozzles, Snow Foam nozzle, 1L Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, 1L bottle of Nano Tech Concentrate, Motorcycle Chain Cleaner, Motorcycle All-Weather Lube, Motorcycle Protectant, 2x microfiber cloths, and waterproof dry bag
  • Safe to use on delicate bearings, surfaces, and suspension parts
  • Soft touch finish to the lances and gun to prevent damage to your bike’s framework
  • Set at 1000 PSI, max pressure rated to 1450 PSI
  • 120 max water temperature
  • 110/120V AC, 1200 watt pump
Follow manufacturer’s instructions. If warranty information was not included, please call the manufacturer or our sales team for more information.

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