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Aerocharger has a legendary history with Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

From 1994 to 2001, the best selling turbo for Harley-Davidson motorcycles was the Aerocharger. Harley riders loved the Aerocharger’s cutting-edge technology, simple install and lag-free variable vane power. The system was massively popular among riders that needed more horsepower from their EVO engines, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles with Aerochargers numbered in the thousands.

Harley took notice, and an effort was made to partner with Aerocharger as the officially selected turbo for a factory turbo motorcycle. It was known as the Diablo Project.

Now, after taking an appropriate amount of time off, Aerocharger is back. We’re returning to our Harley-Davidson roots with the release of this turbo kit, featuring the powerful 53 Series Aerocharger turbo for modern EFI Big Twin Engines.

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