I can’t. I just can’t. This S&S Cycle 60th Anniversary Evo Motor is way too damn sexy to get thrown into a bike. It needs to be put into a trophy case or something–with lights beaming down on it and little baby angels blowing trumpets. Anyway, if you wan’t one, you’d better pony up the cash ASAP because only 60 of these bad boys were made and they’ll go quick.

How does a company like S&S Cycle celebrate six decades in business? With a limited edition anniversary engine, of course! “We’ve always wanted to do a brushed nickel finish, but realized it would be tough to do in quantity, so we’re only building 60 of these and will never make them again”, states S&S President Paul Langley. Based on their proven V-Series platform with a massive 124” displacement, each Anniversary engine is hand built and serial numbered 1-60 and each includes a matched engine stand with corresponding serialized plaque. Capable of XX Hp, this S&S Cycle 124” engine also features their gear drive cam, long stroke crank, Super G carb and electric compression release.

Get yours before they are gone, check out the details here http://www.sscycle.com/60thanniversaryengine  

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