Check out our spotlight of the Jims USA Fat5 Overdrive Transmission. This transmission is going in our Harley-Davidson FXRP, courtesy of Jims USA.

You want strong? JIMS® has strong! JIMS® new Fat 5™ Overdrive is simply the strongest, toughest gearbox made…Period. JIMS® took advantage of its new, more compact shifter technology to increase the width and strength of every gear. The width increase varies from 18% to 53%, depending on the loads each gear set must carry. Big power is more popular than ever. Large engines like the JIMS® 120 deliver double the stock power and torque. When such power is linked to the ground through high torque clutches and big sticky tires, the peak loads on transmission gears rise far above what stock transmission gears were designed to endure.

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