Paul Yaffe has some new LEDs you can use in a variety of applications on your Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Introducing Lightning BoltZ, Bagger Nation’s newest Super Bright LED’s.  The latest in our Super Bright LED technology, the NEW Lightning BoltZ are self-contained, bolt-in, flush-mounted and crazy bright! Taillights, brake lights and turn signals all in one incredibly small package.  The NEW Lightning BoltZ measure 15mm (19/32″) in diameter and you simply drill a hole, bolt them in and wire them up.  It’s that easy! You can also create your own custom taillight design with the Lightning BoltZ, the only limitation being your imagination! Lightning BoltZ Super Bright LED’s are sold in pairs and come in gloss black or silver finish.

Visit Bagger Nation for more information.

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