INTRODUCTION – One the issues Road Glide owners face when considering an aftermarket engine guard, or removing their engine guard completely, is what to do about the fairing. Unlike the Street Glide whose fairing support is independent of its engine guard, the Road Glide depends heavily on its engine guard for fairing load support. Remove the engine guard, and fairing load support is greatly diminished. Swap the stock engine guard out for an aftermarket or custom guard, and the stock fairing brackets won’t fit. Luckily, there are few options Road Glide owners have to overcome this inherent design flaw.

Check out this option by M3 Metal Works, based on out Southern California. They manufacture a cool little bracket, dubbed the “Road Glide Fairing Ghost Bracket”, that will deliver you in no time from your stock engine guard woes.

DETAILS – The Road Glide Fairing Ghost Brackets by M3 Metal Works allow Road Glide owners to use custom engine guards on their Road Glide, or to ditch their stock engine guards entirely for a cleaner, more streamlined look, all while still maintaing proper fairing load support. Instead of relying on the stock engine guards for load bearing, the Ghost Brackets utilize the fuel tank mounting points on the frame to support the rear load of the Road Glide’s fairing. The brackets are made in the US from a thick 14 gauge steel and are powder coated black. Mounting accessories are included with the brackets.

THOUGHTS – The Ghost Brackets work great on the Road Glide. The brackets are easy to install, allow proper turning radius, they’re inconspicuous, and are a great value at only $45.

To purchase a set, visit, or visit their E-Bay page HERE.

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