INTRODUCTION: Let’s face it, too much wind in your face and on your body sucks when you’re riding. We’re not talking about that good clean wind that keeps you smiling down the road; we’re talking about the stuff that keeps your glasses bouncing all over your face and your passenger from ever wanting to ride along with you again. Buffeting! It’s what a product known as “Sancho’s Wings” claims it has a remedy for.

THE CLAIM: “The buffeting solution for Road Glides”.

Is that right? Well, it’s possible good ole’ Sancho might be on to something, but before we give you our findings on his wings, here’s some information on the product.

THE DETAILS: Sancho’s Wings are hand crafted acrylic wind deflectors that are designed to attach to a Road Glide fairing. They are curved to contour the shape of the Road Glide’s inner fairing and are slightly flared at the top. The Wings are attached to the fairing through a combination of 3M Super Strength Molding Tape (part #03614) and an extended fairing screw. Once installed, the Wings add about 6″ to the lower portion of the fairing’s width.

Sancho’s Wings are available in a clear or grey smoked acrylic. Retail price for the clear acrylic Wings is $38.95 and $40.95 for the grey smoked acrylic. The Wings fit all years of Road Glides and will work with lower (vented) fairings on 2010 and newer models, in addition to 09′ and earlier models with vented lowers.

THOUGHTS ON THE PRODUCT: Sancho’s Wings are an interesting Road Glide accessory. We found them easy to install and fairly sturdy despite their appearance. The Wings held up like a champ on the highway and had very little flex or vibration at high speeds.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the Wings, we installed a Wing only on one side of the bike. This allowed us to “feel” the difference (simultaneously) between riding with a Wing installed and riding without one. The left side of the bike, where the Wing was installed, did appear to deflect some wind turbulence which is normally present around the lower portion of the fairing, but it was minimal. To be totally honest, the right side of the bike, which did not have the Wing, felt almost exactly like the left side.

Determining the amount of wind deflected by the Sancho’s Wings was problematic. We noticed very little difference in the amount of air that was hitting our body. This is likely due to the fact that the Road Glide used in our review already had excellent wind protection provided by lower fairings. It’s possible, had our Road Glide not been equipped with lower fairings, we would have experienced the added wind protection benefits touted by Sancho’s Wings.

That being said, the lack of noticeable wind protection (in our case) was not worth adding a protruding wind deflector to the sleek look of the Road Glide’s fairing. Aesthetically, we feel adding the Wings to a Road Glide equipped with lower fairings clutters up an already cramped section of the bike. With the Road Glide’s crash bar, lower fairings, fairing support brackets, and fairing mounted turn signals, the addition of the Wings was a bit much.

What we do like about this product:

  • It seems like it could provide an added wind protection benefit to riders of Road Glides not equipped with lower fairings.
  • It’s quick and easy to install.
  • It’s quick and easy to remove.
  • It’s sturdy (great craftsmanship).
  • It’s Fairly priced.

What we don’t like:

  • The grey 3M adhesive strip used to secure Sancho’s Wings to the fairing is too wide. Only 1/3 of the strip (width wise) actually contacts the fairing, leaving the rest of the adhesive strip visible when viewing the bike from the front. We feel this strip should be trimmed down in width.
  • We noticed that while traveling at high speeds, the Wings would occasionally catch pockets of air causing our fairing to jerk a little. It wasn’t something we were all that worried about, but it was noticeable.

CONCLUSION: Sancho’s Wings do exactly what they were designed to do, and that is block wind coming from the side of the fairing. However, we have concluded that Road Glides not equipped with lower fairings will benefit much more from this product than those with lower fairings. With the aforementioned observation, MyRoadGlide.com recommends this product to Road Glide owners.

If you have this product, what were your experiences like? Discuss them on our community forum!

For more information Sancho’s Wings, visit the website for Sancho’s Wings.

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  1. Paul

    Very good review. I currently don’t have lowers and will probably purchase these. I do like the ease of removal, b/c I would really only use these on long trips. When out cadillacking in town, I usually strip down all the touring stuff anyways. Then again, I may be getting lowers too. Thanks for the review.

  2. Jack

    Enjoyed your review. I had been on the fence about the wings as only my co-rider is bothered by buffeting. Your review was convincing as it pertains to the rider but would have liked to have gotten a backseater’s input as well


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