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So lately I’ve been thinking of removing my lowers (fairing) from my Road Glide. I see a lot of these “show bikes”, and rarely do you see them with lowers. Maybe they’re on to something. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that they provide some additional wind protection, and I love the fact that I can stick additional speaker in them, but I’m starting to think they look a little “out of place” on the bike. Plus, if I keep my lowers, I can’t rock a custom crash bar, like the slick looking ones from Factory47cycles.com. What do you guys think. I’d love to read what you think. Take the poll, and respond with a comment below!

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  1. aviaator

    I can’t vote in your poll because my answer isn’t available. I’m yes/no on the lowers. Yes from Nov-Apr, no from May-Oct. Purely temperature related. I like the way they look but WAY too hot in the summer.

  2. Mike

    Well, personally I use them in the Cooler/cold months and remove them in the Warm / Hot months.
    Have never used them for storage. I have an Ultra with tons of room for junk!

    They are not difficult to remove. Once you get the hang of it. I think the lowers complete the touring appearance.
    Unless your allergic to turning a wrench in the garage. You can then ad custom bars for the warm Summer cruising!
    I can make my 2012 FLTRU look like a FLTRX thanks to the quick release tour bag on my Ultra and a leather custom seat. I left the lowers on and I thought it looked kool or different. Like a Custom with lowers.. Then I removed them and it still looked Kool. Some people don’t like anything near stock. If they had a tractor they would put big wheels on the front and small wheels on the back. Just to be diff! Do what makes you happy!

  3. scott

    You would think one of the aftermarket companies would make a nice set of custom crash bars that worked with factory lowers. Best of both worlds IMO.

  4. eekhats@aol.com

    I remove my lowers and install an 8″ dark smoke windscreen in the summer then put them back on with a tall windscreen for winter riding. All process takes about 30 min and it’s like having two bikes.


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