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Just a little something I wanted to share with you as the new year approaches. Something that’s been on my heart. I’ve owned my Road Glide for a little over a year. When I first got it, I was soo stinkin’ happy. I just just traded in my dyna and I now finally owned a bagger! I thought to myself, “Vic, this is it… you’re good to go now”. However, I quickly realized that this was the beginning of something very dark. Not dark in a sinister sort of way, but more in a no-so-healthy sort of way. Even though I had purchased the bike of my dreams, my flesh wanted more! It wasn’t enough that I had a very expensive Harley-Davidson motorcycle–I now needed to have the nicest Road Glide in San Diego! Days after purchasing the bike, I was already looking through magazines, reading forums, going gaga at the parts counter at the dealership. I wasn’t satisfied. I started comparing what I had to what the other guy had, and what the guys in the magazines had. I watched videos upon videos on YouTube of guys who had totally pimped out their bikes, and I thought to myself, “why not me, why can’t I have that?”.

Now look, I know some of you are reading this saying, “that’s not all that wrong Vic, there’s nothing wrong with wanting”. All I would say to you is this–wanting is not wrong, but coveting is. Idolizing something is–to me, and to my God. See, I only make a certain amount of money. I make what I make. I can’t really change that. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a married man with three boys. Yep, three. With all of the bills (mortgage, car notes, insurance, food…. FOOOD… utilities…FOOD) there isn’t much left over for daddy. This isn’t that big of a deal, unless my desires cost a lot of money. You all know what HD stands for right? Hundred Dollars, because dag near everything you want to do to your Harley is gonna cost you more than a hundred dollars! When you know you don’t have money to spend on your desires, it can stress you out. Your mind begins to plot, and scheme on how you can obtain what you want, and often times it begins to take your eyes off what is really important in life. God, family, friends, etc. This began to happen to me until I was reminded about what I DO have (or have been given) to include: Grace, Peace, Love, Joy, Health. All through a variety of sources to include: My God who accepts me even though I screw up and let Him down, my beautiful wife who loves me whether or not I have the slickest looking bike, my three awesome sons who just want daddy time and could care less about what my bike looks like, and my job–which provides steady employment and health care.

So… I just want to encourage all the men out there who may stumble upon this blog post. This new year, I pray you are reminded of what is really important in life. The things that will write your legacy. Any man can plot and scheme to satisfy his fleshly desires and idols. There is nothing honorable in that. I real man never allows his idols to master him. My hope is that we can all be grateful for what we do have, and be satisfied in it. Nothing wrong with wanting, just never let that want master you. The rims, the cams, the stretched bags, they will come in time for some of you. For others they may not. Don’t force it. Be patient and give thanks for what  you do have because the truth is–our bikes will someday burn, and only our legacy will remain. What will your legacy look like? Will it be defined by a bike?

God Bless You All! Have an awesome new year.

Selah, Vic



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  1. Harleywood


    I’m a teacher home on a snow day. Have you heard of those in San Diego? I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought I’d look for RoadGlide stuff and stumbled across your blog. Lots of good stuff here including this post. I’ve been that guy who plots and schemes but not so much anymore. I put 47000 miles on my sporty before my wife agreed that I should buy a 2000 Screamin Eagle RG I found on ebay. I’d had my eye on a 09, but didn’t have the money. Sure, I’d love to have that pearl paint and cool stripes, but I’ve been able to do some big performance and appearance upgrades to the 2000 without going in debt, and it still turns heads everywhere I go.

    So, thanks for the reminder. I guess I’ll spend some money on my daughter’s wedding this spring and hold off on those new rims for another year.



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