INTRODUCTION – Engine guards, and to some extent saddlebag guards, on Harley-Davidson touring bikes are a necessary evil. They are necessary because of the bike’s weight. Touring bikes weight a lot. When they fall over on their side, things get damaged–very expensive things. No bueno. They (stock engine and bag guards) are evil because they look hideous. That is why most people remove them from their bikes. However, what if I told  you that you could maintain the protection engine and bag guards offer, WITHOUT the hideousness? This is where our favorite company, Factory 47 Cycles (formerly Buky Bars), steps in. They sell a great looking set of engine and saddlebag guards that match perfectly with their line of handlebars. Here’s the 411.

DETAILS – Factory 47 engine and saddlebag guards are made of 1018 cold roll US steel and are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. The engine guard is 1.50″ in diameter, and the saddlebag guards are 1.25″ in diameter. The engine and bag guards, as with every other product in Factory 47’s inventory have a lifetime warrantied chrome. They are also available in a black powder coat. Both the engine and bag guards incorporate Factory 47’s signature “meat hook”. The curve leading up to the “meat hook” at the top of the saddlebag guard, isn’t just there to look pretty; it allows the passengers leg to rest in its natural position, uninhibited by the guard. End to end, the engine guards are 34″ (stock 30-1/2″), and the bag guards stick out approximately 1″ past the saddlebags.

THOUGHTS – Factory 47’s engine and bag guards look great on the Road Glide and offer protection to the engine and saddlebags should you accidentally lay your bike down. They really are the perfect combination of form and function. The craftsmanship on both guards is excellent. The guards have a nice weight/sturdiness to them, the welds are beautiful, and the chrome is absolutely flawless. If you already own any of Factory 47’s handlebars, adding the matching engine and bag guards is a no-brainer–the ultimate trifecta of beauty and protection.

For additional information on Buky Bars engine and saddlebag guards, visit or call 562-373-5227.

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  1. Blair

    What happens to chrome fairing support brackets that connect to the Road Glide stock 1-1/4″ Engine Guard? Does the 1-1/2″ Buky Engine Guard for the Road Glide have the fairing support built on it?

    My inner fairing is attached to my stock 1-1/4″ Engine Guard for support. The 1-1/2″ Engine Guard has fairing Support brackets built to it to attach to inner fairing on the inner side of signal light mounts for support. Right?

  2. Dave

    BUKY BAR products are awesome. I have the Odyssey Bars on my Road Gide. I also installed an engine guard as well both in a powder coated black finish. The quality of the products was first rate. The customer service and communication from Juan @ Buky was second to none.

    I used the Hells Foundry brackets on my fairing to replace the stock ones and to keep that clean look.

    I will be coming back for the saddle bag guards soon.

    • vic

      yes. actually… not sure im tracking ya. what exactly are you asking?


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