Once again, rumors are swirling in the Harley-Davidson community that our beloved Road Glide will be no more after 2013. Is there any truth to this rumor, and if so, what brought about this decision? These are questions  no one outside of the manufacturer can truly answer with certainty. Until Harley comes out and releases an official statement regarding the Road Glide’s fate, we can only speculate. That being said, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to do!Here are our top 10 reasons why Harley-Davidson would want to kill the Road Glide (permanently or just in 2014 as rumors suggest).

  1. Marketing! They’ll kill it after 2013 and bring it back in 2015 or 2016. Making the Road Glide disappear for a year a two would likely create a feeding frenzy among perspective shark nose owners who missed the boat on the 2013 and earlier models. (Get it? feeding frenzy, shark, boat… errr…ok our bad, we had to go there)
  2. The higher-ups at Harley Davidson are haters.
  3. There are design aspects of the current Road Glide that need an engineering overhaul. Some have suggested the main culprit is the Road Glide’s front fairing. (There are quite a number of design flaws with the current fairing, but our community forum is probably the best place for that discussion.)
  4. The higher ups at Harley Davidson are “reh-tards“.
  5. They just weren’t selling enough Road Glides to keep them around past 2013. (In contrast, we’ve heard Road Glide’s have been selling like “hot cakes” at dealerships nationwide.)
  6. Morbid Jealousy (the Othello Syndrome: “If I can’t have you, no one can”) – Thousands of Bat-Wing (Street Glide) owners came together and signed a petition to have the Shark Nose murdered–and Harley listened. I guess Street Glide owners got tired of their buddies clowning them every time a Road Glide pulled up along side their bike.
  7. “Road” Glide is sooo passe. It needs to go. Boulevard Glide, Interstate Glide, Avenue Glide – all much more metro/current. Harley is trying to stay “relevant”. Expect the name change son!
  8. Harley has become the “Apple” of motorcycle manufacturers. It doesn’t need a reason for anything it does. They do things because they CAN sucka!
  9. It’s Obama’s fault. (sigh…)
  10. Harley Davidson is going to kill the Road Glide because ______________________ (use the comment box to finish this sentence!)


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  1. Marc (Mischief)

    Im going the optimist route….

    ‘Harley listened to all of the current shark owners and they need a year to assess some “issues” with the current design and come out with an improved version in 2015!’

    • Motonut

      Full disclosure as of Dec 2012. We just attended an HD GM Management meet in York recently where HD informed us that it is true their will be no 2014 Road Glide Custom or Road Glide Ultra due to the fact that their tooling on that model fairing is very antiquated and was never intended to be used for the volume of sales that in recent years the FLTR’s have been generating. So instead of it not meeting the requirement for quality, they have new tooling incoming for an all new model in 2015. Not a marketing ploy, too costly in sales drop and market share to back up that idea. Of course the wispers and hints suggested this could tie in with the new water-cooled (?) designed versions. This unit has increased every year across the USA for HD dealers in sales, so believe us they don’t want to do this, but are forced too. So you know they will want to hit it out of the park when it comes back!

  2. Paul

    10. H-D MOCO is going to kill the Road Glide b/c they are going to start making liquid cooled bikes and they refused to put it on the Shark.

  3. Stan

    The RG is the hottest seller out there right now! Go look at how many RG’s are in showrooms compared to Streetglides. (not many). Having been an HD employee, I can tell you this is purely a marketing ploy. I’ve owned 4 RG’s, and there indeed are alignment issues with the handle bars, and the fairing needs to be more user (takeoff & put on) friendly. I have heard that the MC is bringing out a water cooled touring bike, but also hear it will only be used on the Ultra to start and will be hidden well utilizing the downtubes. Bottom line: they said this about the RG a few years ago, everyone made a run at them, (even the owner at San Diego Harley) and then they re-introduced the RG Custom. Rg’s are the most customized bike out there right now because of Streetglide fatigue. Oh, and by the way, the RG is hands down the best handling Harley ever on the open road. I own an Ultra now, and for all you batwing “purists” out there…you’ll change your mind in a heartbeat if you ever ride a fixed fairing bike in the wind. Nuff said. I’d still have a RG if the wife didn’t love the comfy FLHTCU so much!

    • Scott

      Stan is right about the glide in the wind mine is an05 and i would not give it up for any orther harley.

    • David L. Cox

      I have a 2012 Super Glide Custom. I have installed a 2013 RG fairing and Harley Bags modified to
      partially cover the rear shocks to keep it narrow 96 with aftermarket cams, K&N, HP exhaust. 92hp.
      Bike handle very light and the frame mount fairing is the greatest thing since Bacon. it is really fun and stronger than stock 103’s

  4. eddie davis

    well i been saving up for a year or 2 now and will be trading in 2 of our 3 bikes but if they indeed do kill the rg guess i will go to kawasaki1700 fixed fairing! traitor? no just they been where harley should have been several years ago!!!!!!!

  5. Rick Perez

    Because only bad asses should owe one, and they are running out of them to sell them to.

  6. macando

    The Road Glide is the future for Harley, especially when needing to carry forward its younger riders which are currently being marketed to quite aggressively. I think it would be safe to speculate that HD is indeed retooling, perhaps water-cooling, and without a doubt creating a higher demand for its world class sport touring Road Glide.

  7. LRN45ACP

    i just recenctly became a touring bike rider. i always rode kawasaki, or honda cruisers. i hated the look of the rg. i bought the elecrtaglide ultra. but i do have to say, the look grows on you. i would consider one in the future. i hope they bring it back not to radicaly changed.

  8. William

    Argh – as a current Harley owner , this just reinforced my decision to purchase a K 1600 GTL BMW.

  9. Dave

    Like most large companies, they don’t communicate with the buyer ( Motor Heads and Headess) Please don’t read this and take a poll. You’ll probably ask a group of veagens is eating eggs murder. Lets face it if HD cancels the RoadGlide, they will be cutting a vein and slowly bleed to death. We will wind up with another AMF Company. You that can remember knows what this means. We will all be riding classic Harleys. Which isn’t a bad thing. Wake up HD and smell the rubber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dogmanpro

    I was saving for the RG , guess I have to get the Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero , my next choice. It’ll be at least 5 years before they work out all issues from a new design. Kawasaki Vulcan is cheaper with more standard equipment anyway. Damn It is what it is.

    • David L. Cox

      It is what it is Kaw sucki, plastic oil pumps and no telling what else.

  11. Dean Vercruysse

    I own a 2011 RG Custom, Vivid Black, 103, put a better windshield on it and a few performance mods, and it ROCKS ! I am keeping my RG forever, it looks Great, handles Fantastic, and has tons of power for me. I get compliments everywhere I go, I considered a Street Glide when I bought, but the RG is timeless to me…..

    • Ron Ayres

      2012 RG with Wind Splitter windshield; Fat Shots and a download. 23,000 miles my first year. I rode my Deuce 17,000 miles in 10 years. Holds everything you need; plenty of power, handles great. I hope something really cool comes in 2015, but if not a new RG, I’m keeping mine. Sweet spot at 75-80 is simply awesome with clear mirrors and great fuel economy at 43-45 on the road. Best was 49 MPG at speed on a 240 leg on my last trip. And you can do 550 miles by 2:30 in the afternoon on a road trip and easily could another 300. I don’t think Harley is the best motorcycle out there in many areas of performance but there is nothing like riding one and owning one is the best!

  12. Ron

    They probably don’t want people waiting for the changes leaving 2013 models on the showroom floor. For what these bikes cost, I can certainly wait for the new design.

  13. Ron

    They’ll bring it back with an improved frame mounted fairing and liquid cooled engine. Just a guess, but those who buy the road glide will likely embrace those features. Purists wanting a 1950 styled bike will stick with Electra Glide.

    • Carlos Palacio

      I just bought my 2013 road glide denim black on 7/20/13. Like most people at first I thought “what the hell is that”. Then after a while of seeing them in the road , they grew on me. I love this bike. It’s awesome. And rides like ever so smooooooth. : )Carlos. Chattanooga TN.

    • Jeffrey Jacobs

      I think you’re right. The fairing lowers on the Ultra models is a prime spot to hide a radiator.

      • brandon

        I can confirm this. just went to the local HD stealership and was shown the radiator reservoir on the right hand side of the lower fairing on the Ultra Limited…Just like how the vented windshields were only available on the ridiculously priced CVO’s and then immediately following the next year are standard on street glides, I’m pretty confident that given a year or so, the Road Glide will be re-introduced as a liquid cooled platform.

  14. Doc

    Just bought an 07 RG in Mirage Orange! I’ve loved the RG since it came out! Having owned an fj 1100 for several yrs I was already used to the fixed fairing sharks. I absolutely love my RG! And what could be better than an orange n black Harley! I’ll have this one till I’m gone.

    • Jeffrey Jacobs

      I switched from a 07 Electra Glide, which I loved, to the Road Glide two months ago. After 8000+ miles, I wonder what took me so long.

  15. Todd

    Just bought a 2010 RGC w/ 5000 miles in mid June. Got 8700 on it today. I’ve ridden them all. By far the best touring bike Harley offers. If Willie G prefers to ride one. We are in good company! Rode the Ultra Classic and the Street Glide, but kept coming back to Road Glide. I keeping this one!

  16. Rodney Bingley

    I have owned a softail roadking and a 2006 RG loved it. I now have a 2002 roadking and a 2013 RG I love it to death smooth a silk a pretty as new money. Glad I got mine! I sold my 2006 RG stupid move but my 2013 RG is a RG Ultra, This Story has a great ending

  17. Dave L

    Man I LOVE my RG. 08 anniversary model. Its done Sturgis twice Key West and I use it for daily commute. Best HD I have ever had, wont ever trade this thing. Bring em back liquid cooled and I will add a second one. Go out west, its all you see. SHARKS ROCK!

  18. James Asbury

    The Road Glide Ultra is the ONLY bike that H-D made that appealed to me at all. It will be back. The “liquid cooled” heads on the 2014 Ultra classic are for emissions purposes. It is my hope that Harley uses the RG like GM used the Riviera back in the day, experimenting with new styles and such. I would like to see it come out in 2015 with a 1300-1700cc version of their REAL water cooled motor (V-Rod) I would go so into debt to own something like that.

  19. Jettman96

    I hate to see the RG go. It has really put me in a bind. I was going to buy one next spring as my graduation present to myself. So I have to ask do I buy one now, wait and buy a used one, or wait to see what Harley does…

    Sure would be nice if ole Bill Davidson and the other “higher ups” would man up and tell us what their plans are. Because if they are planning to put a VROD motor in a bagger, I might interested.

    • Jason Verhine

      Go ahead and buy one next spring…
      There will be plenty of 2010-2012’s out there with low miles.

  20. Greg Strid

    Avid Harley rider and owner. I’ve owned or ridden most HD models in the last ten years. I’ve had a RGC for three years and I’ll never go back to a bat wing. Harley always cuts production to thin the used bike herd, to drive buyers to pay up for a new bike. A radiator means more bs service fees. So it’s coming. If it weren’t for the economy, they would have done the liquid cooled transition in 2011. RG will be back! Big. RKC and RGC are really the best touring bikes to introduce with the VROD engine. If it works, all the other baggers join in. If it bombs, they won’t loose the flagship Electra Glide community. Can’t wait to hear how much everyone hates the new, even better RG when it comes out. I just hope I have the patience to wait a couple years to buy one, so they can get all the new design kinks out.

  21. Steve Jones

    What I was the Project Rushmore design on the Road Glide caused the balance on the front end to become disrupted at highway speeds and a few of the test bikes crashed. The big screen radio with amp weighs far more than the HK version did and with the radiator design on the lower end, they combined to create some sort of wind related harmonics to disrupt the air flow and cause high speed wobbles. Therefore, the reason for the retooling required to change the fairing to create a different flow pattern.

    Heard from a reliable mechanic in the know.

  22. Jason Verhine

    Too much change..
    There are 1000’s of Street Glide owners, and it seems to be the head turner for new Harley owners in the last few years..
    With the 2014 changes, Harley wanted to continue appealing to the “newer riders” who want “modern technology” on their bikes.
    Expect the new RG design in 2015/2016. Then the “new appeal” of the Street Glide will be gone and people will once again be able to see and appreciate just how awesome the Road Glide is.
    I personally just wish I could put the new brake system on my ’01 Screamin’ Eagle CVO. It still only has 26K miles and is all I desire.

  23. Mark Friend

    I purchased the 2013 CVO Anniversary in May and people go crazy over it. Only thing I changed was the exhaust and ECM. I have won two awards at bike shows and have been asked how I feel about winning awards on a pretty much stock bike. I just reply that when you have the money to buy the perfect bike, why should you feel guilty. Harley must have something up there sleeve because this bike is a dream. Only thing I will change later is the sound system as it is not up to par. Had the bike tuned and HP was 85 horse power at the rear wheel with 104 pound of torque. Don’t know where Harley came up with there specs. Cams may do the trick with the 110 ci engine as the stock engine is choking on all the emissions installed.

  24. pablo Mancu de Miami

    Hi guys i own a bike before a car…my first bike was a Juki 80 who know what year..i was 15…i have been lucky to own every bike you can think of…i think i went trough 30 of them…right now i have only 2 a custom chopper totally un rideable but f….g awesome looking (take out 1 a month) and 2 weeks ago i bought a RG 05 i found it cheap and in good shape( for quick resale)…and now i don’t want to sell it…its so nice like some one else mentioned grows on you…jejeje my wife don’t want me to sell it..she even goes with me to the supermarket on it..we live in Miami so we can ride all year long…so i just purchased some new rubbers and i am going to take few rides to key west and Daytona for bikeoctober fest….will see maybe i become another HD enthusiastic!!! Ride Safe!!!

  25. Scott Peters

    Factory rep I spoke with said it was indeed a retooling thing, that the tooling was 7 years PAST its intended production run life. He pointed out some of the fitment issues of the inner and outer fairing, also the storage compartment doors poor hinge design of doors, etc. Now after seeing the new 2014’s I would expect BIG changes for the inner fairing but the outer not so much. I bought the 2013 Road Glide Ultra and figure 2-3 years and a trade for a 2016-17 will be in the cards. Time will tell but for now I LOVE my bike.

  26. Dave Green

    I just traded my 2010 Dyna Super Glide FXD in for a 2014 FLHX Street Glide on the 9th of September. So far, I have just a little over 2700 Kms on it. I’ve tried the Road Glide and I love the look of it………..from the front. But, sitting in the rider’s seat, not so much. It felt like I was riding a Gold Wing. I’m not a fan of the fixed fairing. Going from the Super Glide with no fairing or windshield to a Street Glide with a batwing made all the difference in the world for me. I ordered the tour pack for my Street Glide, as well. It’ll probably be another month before that comes in, though. Having luggage is awesome. I can finally go on trips and not have to strap everything to my passenger backrest. Don’t get me wrong, the Road Glide is a nice bike, but with the current design, is not for me. If they could still make it with the double headlight, but shorten the inner fairing up and attach it to the forks, I’d buy that bike in a heartbeat. I am interested to see what they’re going to do with the redesign of the Road Glide.

  27. Gary

    I take care of several higher ups at Harley Davidson. The old Road Glide fairing had tooling problems causing a fair amount of the fairing to be scraped that came off the line. They are using this year to retool and redesign the Road Glide.. Do not fear. It will be back, in 2015,better than ever. Harley will not scrap this line as they have continued to sell more and more each year.

  28. Charlie MacRae

    I have had seven Harley’s this 13 RG is my second RG and I love it best harley bar none.
    Excited to see the new one I know it is going to be awesome.

  29. vern kehoss

    As living down the street from H-D you get tidbits of info. It will be back with new styling and waterpumper. Lets hope they restyle the fairing with even better aerodynamics and a sportier bike look. Then they may capture more much needed youth riders that are getting tired of crotch rockets…

    • vic

      if you do get more info, please shoot it our way. i’d love to get an early picture of one.

  30. Pete Higgins

    I have had 99 flht standard, 01 and 02 Ultra classic 03road king and I guess lucky to have at this time a 08 anniversary road glide. I can say that I have been to Sturgis, 100 anniversary at WI. to Virginia, and to Florida from Arkansas. The best ride of all these bikes for distance is the Road Glide. I am looking forward to water cool for when I get in traffic do to the bike over heating. If Harley Davidson does not come back out with a water cooled road glide in the next couple of years I will buy a BMW or a gold wing do to wanting to drive distance and the comfort of a fixed fairing.

  31. Alan Roop

    I just purchased my 2011 RG Ultra, this monster came with cams, Screaming Eagle tuner, true dual Reinharts and one hellva stereo upgrade. This being my first bike so I nothing else to compare it to, but, folks in the know, say there’s nothing like starting at the top of the chain, I couldn’t agree more.

  32. Darrell

    Back in 2015 with different bags and center carrier…………..then it will be just the ” Street Glide”.

    I have a 2009 Road King with Road Glide fairing, police bags and center carrier.

  33. John Jones

    Hello BAGGER Family! I’m in the market for a nice bagger! I have owned every sport bike you can name! I drag race so I live at the track! and don’t mind turning a few wrenches. I have a 2013 ZX14R and a American Iron Horse (Tejas) Looking at purchasing a HD now. I need to know if I purchase a RG will I have to rake front end if I place a 26 upfront! I will do all my own work but because I’m not familiar with HD I need some guidance. I don’t know how to weld so I am skeptical about the whole welding issues. I plan on adding a air ride system to rear and need some pointers on this build before I attack this project! I really needs some guidance on the triple tree and raking topic! Can you place 26 without raking front? Can I PURCHASE new triple tree that will allow 26 without having to weld extended neck? All other issues like exhaust and air ride I’m familiar with so I would greatly appreciate any advice for my new project! I can be emailed at hulk7busa@ gmail.com Thanks for your assistance in advance!!

  34. Lamont

    They gotta be kidding me! How stupid can you be! The Road Glide is so much better than. You know! Any other Glide…….


    I just bought a 2013 RG and while I was there looking at the new SG the mechanics were saying until Harley figures out how to make the new radio system and buffeting vent work on the RG fairing they wont make them anymore. Its a shame too I like the SG but there’s something nostalgia about the look of the RG.

  36. Alan Kies

    I believe the Road Glide will get liquid cooling but not in the lowers. If they wanted to do that it could already be done as on other the touring models. Many of the comments regarding the radiators in the lowers have not been favorable.

    I would look for cooling to move into the fairing similar to our friends at Honda.

  37. Lou La Pietra

    My 2012 RGC is the 7th motorcycle (3rd Harley) I’ve owned in 31 years of riding. My last bike, an 03 Road King Classic (with detatchable fairing and ton$$ of extras) was nice, but nothing I’ve owned compares to the Road Glide. It’s 100lbs heavier than the King but feels 300 lbs lighter, handles beautifully around the curves and on straight runs I have to set the cruise on 80 or before I know it I’m pushing 100. By far the best overall bike I have ever owned…

  38. Gordon P. Coldagelli

    I sure as hell hope its a marketing gimmick because if it doesn’t come back, my 07 RG will be my last HD. I won’t go back to a bar mounted fairing.

  39. beaner

    those who cut down RG’s never rode one. Bought 06 streetglide new, year later bought a used 01 RG. Still have the 01 RG. Sold streetglide to a guy that didnt know any better. LOL!
    Waiting for new RG or i’ll buy another used one

  40. Al Taylor

    I’ve owned a Roadking, Roadglide Ultra and now a Streetglide. I also bought a Goldwing f6b between the Ultra and Streetglide. The Streetglide is by far my favorite ride to include other brands and models.

  41. RG Eric

    Glad to see the RG go away for a while. HD just increased the value of my bike and I don’t have to see others on similar ones. For those who say they are leaving for BMW or Kawasaki never intended to buy a HD RG anyway.

  42. RG Carter

    I bought my RG in July. I traded a 2000 Dyna Super Glide sport and a 2009 Honda 450x dirt bike for the RG. I could not be happier with this ride. So smooth and it is like floating across the pavement. My back has thanked me everyday with the transition to this bike. I can ride for hours with no back pain compared to the dyna. I would not have imagined it being so good. I liked it from the start just the stance it has. I am going to put a detachable hardware so that I can have the extra space for ling hauls and remove it for the around town stuff. I love this bike ! ! ! !

  43. trucker

    we all wish HD. would have told us why they we’rnt makeing 2014 rd’s! two of my buddy’s who wanted to get there first RG’S. they wanted to ride them to STURGIS . but they ended up buying victory’s baggers i ‘m on my second RG best touring HD. they make ! i average 20k. a SUMMER ! you can ride shark farther than a bat wing ! cya !

  44. Booker

    I bought a 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 because I did not like the fairing on the RG with the twin headlights. MISTAKE! Although the Kaw had a smoother ride and more standard options, the handling was not on par with the RG, particularly at low turning speed it was a chore. After riding that beast for a year I traded it for a 2013 FLTRU and there is no way anyone can get me off that bike. Compared to the Kaw it handles like a sportbike, so if considering going to Kawasaki think hard and long. It’s a nice bike no doubt, but if you come from RG you probably will regret it.

  45. Steve

    It would be sweet if they incorporated the radiators into the new fairing so you didn’t have to have permanent lower fairings.

  46. Mike Wallace

    I traded in my 2003 Ultra Classic on a 2012 Road Glide Ultra with 3K miles at the end of Sept. last year. I didn’t get to ride it much after I got it because here in Ohio we had the worst winter in 22 years !! I just completed a month long trip out Rt. 66 and other points west riding 6625 miles and I wouldn’t trade my Road Glide for ANYTHING !!!! I’m glad I took a number of friends’ advice and got the Road Glide !! It is AWESOME !!!!!!!!

  47. Bobby Beattie

    Bought a new 1997 FLHT in Aug 1997. Sept 97 they brought back the 1998 Road Glide, liked them better. Kept Flht until sep 2012 65.000 miles bought a 2009 FLTR. Never will own or ride a electra glide again. Road glides are about 10% of fl production

  48. Scott Owen

    2013 FLTRX, I get compliments daily on her, I also have a Big Dog Ridgeback that doesn’t get nearly the amount of love while I am out riding. My Road Glide has gotten us much love. Sticking with, I love this bike…

  49. Stan Miller

    On my fourth Road Glide. Started with a 99 and have owned an 07, 10′ and now a 2012. I have also owned Street Glides, Ultras, and Road Kings. I love telling the stories about all the “Harlier Than Thou” RG haters that used to tell me my ’99 wasn’t a “real” Harley. Now most of them are riding them. Best HD ever made for ride, handling, looks, and customization. Don’t hate…participate.


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