INTRODUCTION: Willy Shiny has become a household name among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Thousands of riders across the nation have taken advantage of his popular chrome wheel and fork leg exchange program, but did you know Willy Shiny also has a brake caliper chrome exchange program? Yeah, it’s pretty neat actually. You send Willy Shiny your ugly stock front brake calipers, and for a small fee, he’ll send you a set of his beautifully modified chrome HD brake calipers. Let’s talk about the calipers…

DETAILS: Willy Shiny’s chrome brake calipers are essentially stock Harley-Davidson Brembo brake calipers that have gone through the Willy Shiny “treatment”. This treatment includes: a complete disassembly of the caliper, a thorough inspection and cleaning of caliper components, a milling down of the caliper face to remove the HD logo, reshaping, a chemical stripping of the stock finish, polishing, and finally… a triple plated chrome finish and reassembly. The end result is a beautiful, lightly modified, chrome Brembo brake caliper that maintains stock HD functionality. Beyond chroming the caliper, Willy Shiny also removes of all lettering and markings found on the caliper bolt heads. If chrome isn’t your thing, Willy Shiny also offers Brembo calipers in a variety of powder coat colors.

THOUGHTS: Willy Shiny’s chrome brake calipers look great. From the millwork, to the cleaned up bolt heads, Willy Shiny’s notable attention to detail asserts itself throughout the entire caliper. Functionally, the calipers work just as well as they do prior to chroming–they stop the bike like they’re supposed to. Another great benefit about going the Willy Shiny route, is the money you’ll save. With aftermarket chrome front calipers going for as much as $1000 a set, its easy to see why soo many people have utilized Willy Shiny’s chrome caliper exchange program. If you have chrome forks and/or wheels, seriously consider “finishing off” your chrome front end with Willy Shiny’s chrome calipers. You’ll save money, you’ll feel good about it, and most importantly, you’ll be able to stop your bike–in style!

For more information about Willy Shiny’s chrome brembo brake calipers, visit, or call 1-877-662-9940 and mention us!

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  1. Harold Busch

    I have an 03 Softail DEUCE, would like to know if you have these Calipers in stock and are they with the cores complete ready to bolt on, and last the price? Thanks in advance, HRBusch

  2. Bill McKee

    What’s the price to chrome my calipers on a 2015 Harley Street Glide and are you able to keep the Harley emblem on the caliper?

    Bill McKee

    • Big Vic

      Bill, you’d want to visit for pricing and any other additional questions you may have.


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