Buky Bars Malo – The Ultimate Road Glide Handlebar

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  1. Jacques Stassen

    hello USA, i am hailing from South Africa and just got a 2015 road glide special in matte black. i am 6ft tall and the stock handlebars are useless. did a 300 mile ride last weekend and still suffering as my arms to long or bars to far back.
    I like your buky bars malo bars and I would like to order a set. I go on the long road mostly but here is SA we not used to the ape hangers so don’t know the correct size. could you please advise the correct height for me for long trips?
    could you also please advise your banking details and cost of the bars to be delivered in South Africa. there is a big Harley crowd here in SA and would like to show off my new comfy ape hangers. pleased to hear, Jacques. cell: +27 71 886 4723

  2. Killer62

    Google “Factory 47” and choose your bars! Price and shipping cost are there!


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