INTRODUCTION – You wanted a smooth ride. That’s one of the reasons why you purchased a Harley touring motorcycle. However, there’s a misconception that to dramatically improve your ride, you have to spend over $500 on aftermarket shocks. We found a company a company that will take your stock rear shocks, and make them Bitchin’, for a fraction of the price you’d pay for an aftermarket coil-over-spring shock. The company is Bitchin’ Baggers, and they offer the “Drop Shock”.

DETAILS – Drop Shocks are by Bitchin’ Baggers are highly modified stock Harley-Davidson rear shocks. They are customized by hand in Gilbert, AZ, by craftsmen who have spent years working with with factory Showa air shocks. The shocks are first disassembled and inspected for wear. They are then rebuilt according to the customer’s bike model and riding profile. The rebuild includes replacing the oil, seals, and lowering the shocks length. Drop Shocks are typically lowered 1-2.5″ from the standard 12.75″ shock length. No need to worry about any suspect modification methods, the Drop Shocks are rebuilt using the exact same methods as the factory. The Drop Shocks are the only air shocks on the market designed to be ridden low. Drop Shocks always maintain the the proper height, and air pressure can be adjusted to compensate for weight profiles and road conditions without changing the height of the bike.

OUR THOUGHTS – Drop Shocks by Bitchin’ Baggers are a great solution for those looking to lower the stance of their bike without sacrificing ride comfort. The Drop Shocks arrived well packaged, clean as a whistle, and noticeably shorter in length–as was requested/ordered. Turn around time was only one week, and installation of the Drop Shocks was just as easy as removal. The Drop Shocks provided a greatly improved ride (over stock) for significantly less money then the majority of aftermarket coil-over-spring shocks. If you are looking for a hassle free, inexpensive way of improving the overall look, and comfort of your ride, seriously consider the Drop Shocks by Bitchin’ Baggers. For less than half of what most aftermarket shocks are retailing for, you can maintain your air adjustability, get that slick lowered look your after, and improve your bike’s handling and stability.

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  1. Sam

    If the shock is rebuilt with stock parts and stock specs and the stroke of the shock is lessened, what is it that improves the ride? Is it the fact that these are cheap shocks that have to be rebuilt every few thousand miles?


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