This Scorpion Lock-up clutch by Barnett looks serious.

Barnett’s Scorpion Lock-up clutches feature a low profile billet aluminum lock-up pressure plate designed to fit under the stock primary cover. No need to change or modify your cover! The clutch surface area and capacity is also greatly increased compared to stock and three different sets of six coil springs provide a wide variety of pressure options making it ideal for stock to 200+ HP applications. In most applications light or medium springs can be used resulting in reduced lever effort. A steel inner hub is also included to complete the unit. All Scorpion clutches are designed to fit into the stock type basket and hydraulic versions are also available. Scorpion lock-up clutches are available for 1941-E’84 Big Twins, 1990-18 Big Twins and 1991-03 Sportsters. Made in the USA.

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