Check out BAKER Drivetrain’s newest product–their Truss Style Shift Lever for 86-2018 stock Harley-Davidson applications.

Haslett, MI – Replace your stock shift lever with the BAKER Truss Style Shift Lever and riders will be taking a big step forward in both function and form.

The stock shift lever has cast splines which are prone to stripping, but the BAKER shift lever has broached splines made just like the gear splines in their transmissions. They’ll stand up to the rigors of daily use. The BAKER Truss Style Shift Lever features design cues inspired by the structure of connecting rods and highly stressed airplane levers, so they’re as tough as they look.

Along with the original Truss Style Shift Lever, which fits anything with a BAKER shifter pawl, BAKER Drivetrain now offers the Truss Style Shift Lever for 1986-2018 stock H-D applications.

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