Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag. Harley-Davidson recently announced that they are bringing back the Road Glide. I think most of us figured they would. I actually found out about this a few weeks back after some images leaked of the new inner fairing. I’m not sure if the images were leaked by Harley’s PR to create a small “buzz” about the Road Glide’s return, or if some idiot really thought he could get away with selling “borrowed” or stolen prototype(ish) goods. Out of respect to the MoCo, I decided against posting them up on the site. They were indeed the new Road Glide inner fairing. Not surprisingly, its going to have the same Project Rushmore info-tainment center as the current 2014 Street Glides do. It looks like it’ll still have the speakers and storage spots in the same general location as they currently are. As far as the images go, I still won’t post them up on the site because I don’t feel comfortable doing so. The guy over at Harley corporate I spoke to was really cool. I’d never put “web traffic” ahead of a relationship. Anyways… the Road Glide IS coming back, and I’m certain Harley-Davidson will release images of the new shark very soon. Hopefully they remember me and “leak” me some pictures of it. I’ll be sure to share them with you!

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  1. KneesinTheBreeze

    Glad to see them finally admit it. But after just buying a 2013 custom I can’t say I’ll be buying. Excited to see what they bring. I’d like to see better windshield mounting system and some type of aluminum insert for the outer faring mounting screws. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

  2. craig

    I have a 2007,FLTR,I`ve rode Sportsters,Dynas,Softtails,and my R.G. is by far the best of them all

  3. Rocky Stout

    I just hope they don’t make the new RG too much like the other baggers. It is it’s uniqueness from the others that makes it special.

  4. rob russell

    gentlemen..does anybody know if SuperGlide is coming back 2015?..also are there any changes in colors this year?? like yellows and greens?


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